How to Explain Hookup Cloud Fraud to Your Grandparents

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We assume that the name of Hookup Cloud came to existence because rented virtual storage is becoming more and more popular. Almost every larger business is having some data stored outside of the premises. Thus, Hookup Cloud would be an online place where anyone who wants to find a fling joins the community to get the prize. We did a research to check how far is this assumption from the truth. It turns out that this adult dating site is modern only by the name. Everything else about its scam is classic. It is alike many similar frauds performed by Nautell Ltd.

We did a research to check how far is this assumption from the truth. It turns out that this adult dating site is modern only by the name. Everything else about its scam is classic. It is alike many similar frauds performed by Nautell Ltd.


tWe have all heard The proverbial wisdom that it is not so good to walk with your head in the clouds. It is nowhere more true than on Hookup Cloud. The site has a really nice opening page, with modern design and promising technical features. So far, we have learned that this is a standard practice of Nautell. They use this attractive dishonest tactic as bait for new users. Juts look at this sex promo about the sex heaven you will allegedly find here:

“It may sound like an exaggeration, but just look at our testimonials – we get new members expressing their delighted surprise in how quickly they found real, solid connections within minutes of being on the site. Many of these first connections become first hookups, too! It’s that easy and fast – our members especially love “new meat” and are eager to hit up new members!”

When the home page is new, even older users can fall into the same trap because they don’t know they are accessing the same directory. Nevertheless, when you enter, it all becomes clear. You are asked to give credit card details and open your eyes wide to avoid scams.

hookup cloud 100free

Why is Hookup Cloud Yet Another Dating Scam

Let us discover more about this fraud at Hookup Cloud and protect innocent people from taking the hook.

  • Hookup Cloud has unrealistic members number promises.

This is the opening screen of the site, looking trendy and sophisticated, cool and relaxed. Take a closer look at the numbers though – although welcoming to everyone, it still has totally unreal numbers. Any experienced dater will look right through this scam. Even if you are not and decide to go fo the membership, things will become clear when you open the next screen. Take a look below:

Hookup Cloud getting bigger

Hookup Cloud claims 100% free membership but keep the right to “reserve” the sum against your credit card at signup. This is stated in the Terms and Conditions, and if you read those, you will see that providing your card details is like paying the full amount at Hookup Cloud.

Hookup Cloud credit card preauthorization

  • Hookup Cloud charges extra adult movies to your card.

On this next screenshot you can see that the promises of the free membership are totally false. Hookup Cloud will not only charge the basic susbcription but also an extra service, particularly if you are not that careful:

Hookup Cloud fees

  • This dating site uses fabricated profiles.

The virtual profiles used on Hookup Cloud are called Online Legate. This is a new name we haven’t heard so far. Still, there is nothing fresh about the way they operate. Here is a quote from the site as a proof: “An ONLINE LEGATE may be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated “person” or “character”). ONLINE LEGATE may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an Online Legate may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality, or discourage inappropriate behavior.

When you register and accept the Terms and Conditions on the site, you are already hooked and cooked. we have been approached by several of these “legators” and it didn’t get us anywhere.

Price Tag

  • Monthly subscription to the main service is $34.95
  • Membership to xxxhookupcloud (the adult content) is charged $1.95 per day for 48 hours., then it is automatically renewed for $34.95 per day

Busted or Trusted

All those hundreds of thousands and couple of million members are nothing close to the real numbers. Although there are some long-standing adult dating sites that are good with numbers, these huge numbers are outrageous. Be careful with your credit card details. Don’t forget to cancel your trial if you go for one to avoid overcharging.

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    My friend keeps telling me not to trust these cloud thingy. Those are totally unreliable!

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