Multiple Rip-Off Tricks Explain Arousing Dates Poor Online Ranking

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While getting tricked in the real life is not so easy, being a scapegoat of an online scammer seems a hundred times easier. See here another one of my successful “arrests” where I evaluated the authenticity of Arousing Dates, hoping to find a decent place for quick and fast sex that I can recommend to the readers.

Slowly as I did the check, I exposed the scam by this website, claiming to provide real dates while actually not giving anything more but a virtual (unreality) with non-existent users.


There is nobody at Arousing Dates who will want to hook up. All those women you notice on the homepage? I doubt that many of them are real. All those promises for hookups?

I wouldn’t want to have my hopes raised too high once I saw what are the operating methods of Arousing Dates and how many of the features and the content are not doubtfully verified profiles or real content coming from genuine people who want to get laid and not from automated, computer generated content. Not only that, but I also broke into some additional false claims by the adult dating website, finding out about the tricks used in the network associated with this site and on this list.

Arousing Dates virtual profiles

Why is Arousing Dates a Fake Dating Site

How come I see the things I need to see? If you just approach the site with some clear sense and reasoning, and not with a hard on that takes away your focus (and yeah, the blood from your brain, too, down to your crotch) you will see the hoax behind that all nice and glittery surface. Here is Arousing Dates exposed:

  • More expensive rebilling once the discount is over.

You may think that you are signing up for one subscription that will last until you click your next approval, but you have to be very careful, because your credit card is automatically re-charged and you can never be sure when will the discount end and whether you will know, be ready and able to say yes to the new offer. In addition, subscription rebilling is manages in larger lump sums, in chunks, so it will definitely be not only scratched but it can come down to being nicely bruised and cut. If you select the 3-month membership, it will be recharged again for three months at the end of the first period, then again, and again, until you remember that you need to take some action and are few hundreds lighter on your bank account.

  • Fake images used elsewhere on the web.

I went ahead, created my profile, and I was quickly prompted that I am missing getting matched with my potential dates. I didn’t want to waste too much time and skipped aimless browsing, getting to the core of the matter and seeing if I could get one of those “interested” babes into my bed for the weekend. Yes, there were average looking and some real model-like babes so I tried my luck with a few of them, but first of all, I had to do my usual Google reverse search trick, to see if I am in for a trick or for a treat. Surprise, surprise when I found my first match on a Youtube video tutorial, and the second one on a medical website explaining surgery on a dislocated shoulder, thus the nakedness of the hot girl! Again the same photo scam using fake images found on the Internet to raise interest and encourage a rip-off.

This one is from the site:

Arousing Dates fake images

This one is from Google reverse search with over 25 million return results:

Google reverse image search

  • Computer-generated messages in the chat.

Hoping to get laid with a hot woman, this tactic by Arousing Dates could easily entice any man into becoming all giggly and less reasoning, thinking that they have any chance to score immediately. My inbox started buzzing with messages, and I noticed that not any of the messages was associated with a real profile and most of them were using weirdly constructed phrases that didn’t work and didn’t seem to follow a natural flow of conversation, but just sounded like a bunch of automated nonsense.

  • Cross profiles with another dating site.

What is another proof the Arousing Dates is a real scam? Some of the girls that had profiles on other dating website, completely identical, like a copy-paste thing, and although I admit that many users join as many sites as they want, no one actually sends the same messages or puts the same pics in exactly the same order – this is why all those identical profiles smelled fishy and were not a credible proof of real women who want to have hookups.

  • Confusing contact details and instructions.

First of all, Arousing Dates provides an official address filed, but the actual address is missing – then it gives and email address stating confusing info about sending physical mail that sounds very scammy – lost money in the mail? What an easy scam! Check for yourself the claim made by Arousing Dates: “Official address: ??? IMPORTANT: Do not mail anything to this address including checks, money orders or pictures. We do not process any of them and they will be lost! All your correspondence should go to instead. Please mail any official documents to our support email address. If you insist on sending physical copies please use our Headquarters address.” How would you get in touch with these people?!

Price Tag

Nothing is really free.

Premium accounts at Arousing Dates (automatic recurring and limited offer – pay attention):

  • 6-Month rip off is $16.66 for a month and renews at $99.95 every 6 months
  • 3-Month rip off  is $19.98 for a month and renews at $59.95 every 3 months  
  • 1- Month rip off is $29.95 a month and renews at $29.95

Busted or Trusted

Arousing Dates is all ripe for an arrest warrant. I busted their deception in many aspects and this was one of the more fruitful patrol rides because I collected useful practical knowledge about scams in site networks, which makes my job easier and leaves your wallets thicker.

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